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The Montello appears in the distance as a long, low, wooded hill. It's not imposing and doesn't even look particularly inviting or interesting. But looks are deceiving! It's a delightful little world of steep, winding, shady lanes, forests, vinyards, and undulating fields, offering lovely view of the mountains just across the Piave. And, like everyplace else in the Veneto, it has a fascinating history...cycling history included.


13x5 km  371 m hightest point

formed by plate tectinics, still growing, Piave changed course...7 terraces  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF14hScp2Iw

caves, grottoes, doline...conglomerate, karst

neanderthal found

forest of venetian rep forest management...prese

WW1 many street names and monuments commemorating those who fought here. Battle of the Solstice

worlds..LeMond 2nd 1985, then TT Ullrich 1997

climbs even 15%

beware  of prese that change to unpaved, and do not go not on the weekend!

.8 RR

photos © April Pedersen Santinon., Apple Maps, Google Street View